A tiny ad in the Oklahoma University newspaper changed my

entire future. The student-run radio station was looking

for volunteers and I was looking for something new to try.

I attended an information session and decided working in radio

sounded like fun. Not only did I end up majoring in Radio/TV/Film,

I married one of the station's DJs.


After college, we moved around a few times before settling in

Nashville, Tenn., where we lived for over twenty five years.

But very recently, we pulled up stakes and headed west to our

new home in Buckeye, Ariz., a suburb of Phoenix.


Having worked in a number of different industries, I've had to

learn to adapt my writing skills to reach a variety of audiences.

 So whether it's a bio for a dentist, a photographer or a songwriter ...

or articles for aviation industry magazines, product descriptions for a

publishing company or material for a church congregation -

I can pretty much handle whatever gets thrown my way!


Find writing - and design -  portfolios below.


There's no use wasting your time trying to convince you of my

writing skills. All that matters is what you think. 


Flip through some samples of my work and decide for yourself.


Check out what clients have to say about about my writing, work ethic and respect of deadlines.


Sharon Tinsley cu edited 12 2 2013.jpg

Sharon TInsley -
President - Alabama Broadcasters Association

"Judy writes the biographical sketches of our Alabama Broadcaster Association's Hall of Fame inductees.  Over the last few years, we've had different people write these for us.  Judy brought a new, fresh style to the task.  Quite honestly, some of the previous bios sounded like obituaries.  Judy captured our inductees' personalities with great personal stories from each.  She literally breathed new life into the format.”

Audrey cu 3.jpg

Audrey Kidd -
Chief Revenue & Customer Experience Officer The United Methodist Publishing House

In the over 30 years I have worked with Judy, she has NEVER failed to deliver high quality work. She’s a rare writer who is highly adaptable - long form articles, short product blurbs, headlines, blog posts – Judy can do it all bringing an intelligence and wit to every project. Finally, her unfailing ‘no problem attitude’ makes her just a pleasure to work with.”

Lyn 2_edited-1.jpg

Lyn Freeman -
Editor-in-Chief, Werner Publications, Flying Adventures, AJ Publications

“It's been nothing less than an honor to work with Judy over the last couple of decades. She never missed a deadline … not once.  Even better, she is a very skillful writer, often having to piece together a myriad of facts and figures to produce works that communicate so clearly and succinctly. I have read literally thousands of works. The honest truth is that I remember every single piece that Judy wrote for me.”


Call, text or email.
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about current or future projects.

Judy Bumgarner

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